How Do You Get A Job At Apple?

How do you get a job at Apple Store?

Smile and be friendly to everyone.

Demonstrate passion.

Don’t worry about not knowing much about Apple products.

Speak up and demonstrate confidence.

Interact with the group and ask for help.

Show a commitment to the customer.

Talk with humility about your success in a previous job..

Is it hard to get a job at Apple?

3 % acceptance rate and a over 80% retention rate , that is how hard it is . It is easier getting into MIT than it is to get a job at Apple , maybe ill try applying there sometime =)

How much do Apple workers get paid?

The average Apple salary ranges from approximately $26,213 per year for Service Technician to $163,765 per year for Senior Software Engineer. Average Apple hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.52 per hour for Data Entry Clerk to $60.00 per hour for Machine Learning Engineer.

How much do Apple at home advisors get paid?

The typical Apple Apple At Home Advisor makes $18 per hour. Apple At Home Advisor hourly pay at Apple can range from $11 – $25.

What are Apple employees called?

Employees are specially trained and certified at the Genius Bar. Their role is to help customers with Apple hardware and software. All in-store repairs of Apple products are carried out by “Geniuses”, formerly known as Mac Geniuses.

How long does it take to get hired at Apple?

6 answers. It take about 2 weeks to a month to receive a call back. 1-2 weeks. Helps to have an Apple employee refer you.