Is Appy Fizz Beer?

Is Appy Fizz a fruit beer?

In a fresh attempt to grab market share in the fizzy beverage category, Parle Agro has launched B-Fizz, a malt flavoured carbonated drink (apple-based).

B-Fizz is the latest addition to the company’s fruit plus fizz product portfolio.

It already includes its flagship brand Appy Fizz..

Is it safe to drink Appy Fizz?

Any fizzy/soda drinks are harmful. These kinds of drinks contain a high amount of sugar, and also consists of artificial flavours. Its highly recommended not to take any such drinks, not specifically Appy but others too, as it can lead to many health issues in the future.

Is Appy Fizz injurious to health?

It is dangerous and harmful to drink Appy or any other bottled soft drink or cola drink. These drnks are loaded with sugar, chemicals and preservatives. … No, it’s not at all healthy to drink it every day as it will bloat your tummy due to the reason it has high sugar content in it.

Can we mix Appy Fizz with Whisky?

Add whiskey, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Fill cocktail shaker with ice; shake until blended. Pour into lowball glass filled with ice, straining out apple and ice. Add enough carbonated beverage to fill glass.