Question: What Are The Five Categories Of Supply Chain Processes?

What are the five process categories of the SCOR model?

SCOR methodology assumes that all supply chain processes can be subdivided into one of five general subtypes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return.

Complex supply chains are made up of multiple combinations of these basic processes..

What are the 3 foundations of supply chain?

Our three pillars (or fundamentals) of great supply chain management excellence are strategy, service, and cost.

What are the drivers of supply chain?

The supply chain management drivers were the main focus that motivates supply chain sustainability. Such drivers include facility, transportation, information, inventory, sourcing, and pricing (Shahzadi et al., 2013). Supply chain sustainability can be determined by such drivers.

What are the major types of SCM software?

Types of supply chain management software and SCM software vendorsProduct Development.Sales & Operations Planning.Procurement.Production.Logistics.Warehouse Management.

What are the 5 basic steps of supply chain management?

The 5 essential stages in developing a successful supply chainStage 1: Plan. Planning involves a wide range of activities. … Stage 2: Source. This aspect of supply chain management involves organizing the procurement of raw materials and components. … Stage 3: Make. … Stage 4: Deliver. … Stage 5: Return.

What is KPI in supply chain management?

Essential Supply Chain KPIs It’s a process that requires companies to clearly identify goals and then develop the performance indicators that allow you to track your progress towards those goals.

What is SCM process?

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves the active streamlining of a business’s supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What are the different areas of supply chain?

While supply chain is a very broad career field, it has 7 primary functional areas: Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Warehousing, Transportation, and Customer Service.

What are the key supply chain processes?

Eight Key Business Processes for a Seamless Supply Chain ManagementCustomer Relationship Management. … Supplier Relationship Management. … Customer Service Management. …

What are the five major supply chain drivers?

5 main drivers of supply chain costs1) Investment Costs.2) Transportation Costs.3) Procurement Costs.4) Production Costs.5) Inventory Costs.The journey to cost efficiency.

What are the four 4 stages of supply chains?

There are four stages to the evolution of such a supply chain network:Stage 1: Supply Management. The most basic stage, built around an internal MRP system that is lead-time driven. … Stage 2: Supply Chain Management. … Stage 3: Supply Chain Integration. … Stage 4: Demand-Supply Network Collaboration.

What are the pillars of procurement?

The 5 Pillars of Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementValue for Money. In short this means that it is not necessarily the tender with the lowest price that is going to win the bid. … Open and Effective Competition. Government departments must take care that everybody has a reasonable chance to compete for tenders. … Ethics and Fair Dealing. … Accountability and Reporting. … Equity.

What is a perfect order?

A perfect order from a supplier is one that contains the right product or service being delivered to the right customer and right place: At the right time (100% on-time delivery) In the right quantity (100% fill rate) In the right condition and packaging (100% “quality” related to fulfillment)

What does SCOR mean?

supply chain operations reference modelThe supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) is a management tool used to address, improve, and communicate supply chain management decisions within a company and with suppliers and customers of a company (1).

What are the most important activities of supply chain management?

5 Functions of Supply Chain ManagementPurchasing. This is the first function of supply chain management. … Operations. The operation team engages in demand planning and forecasting. … Logistics. This function of supply chain management requires immense coordination. … Resource Management. … Information Workflow.

What is supply chain diagram?

A supply chain is a network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities, and suppliers who take part in the production, delivery, and sale of a product that convert and move the goods from raw materials to end users, it describes the processes and organisations involved in converting and conveying the …