Quick Answer: Are Photos Sensitive Personal Data?

Is a photograph considered personal information?

The definition of personal information is very broad and it captures a large amount of information.

Examples of personal information are: a person’s name, address, phone number or email address.

a photograph of a person..

Is name and address sensitive data?

“By itself the name John Smith may not always be personal data because there are many individuals with that name. However, where the name is combined with other information (such as an address, a place of work, or a telephone number) this will usually be sufficient to clearly identify one individual.”

Is National Insurance Number sensitive personal data?

There is general personal data such as name, address, National Insurance number and online identifiers/location data. There is also sensitive personal data which includes information on physical and mental health, sexual orientation, race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, trade union membership and criminal records.

What is GDPR compliance checklist?

It should include guidance about email security, passwords, two-factor authentication, device encryption, and VPNs. Employees who have access to personal data and non-technical employees should receive extra training in the requirements of the GDPR.

How do you ensure GDPR compliance?

Bring all the internal procedures in line with the GDPR and privacy policies. Review and update employee, customer and supplier contracts. Secure personal data through appropriate organizational and technical measures. Verify if data transfers outside the EU are compliant with GDPR requirements.

How must data always be processed?

GDPR Article 5 starts by saying that personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject. So, lawfulness, fairness and transparency. … Processing of personal data must happen in a lawful way and thus have a legal basis which makes the processing legitimate.

Is a bank account number Personal Data GDPR?

Personal identifiers (PIDs) are a subset of personal data. They identify a unique individual and can permit another person to assume that individual’s identity without their knowledge or consent. … Personal identifiers include, for instance, account numbers, PINs, passwords, voice scans and credit card numbers.

What are the 7 principles of GDPR?

The GDPR sets out seven key principles:Lawfulness, fairness and transparency.Purpose limitation.Data minimisation.Accuracy.Storage limitation.Integrity and confidentiality (security)Accountability.

What are some examples of sensitive information?

Customer Information Customer information is what many people think of first when they consider sensitive data. This could include customer names, home addresses, payment card information, social security numbers, emails, application attributes, and more.

What is classed as personal data under GDPR?

GDPR Personal Data 4 (1). Personal data are any information which are related to an identified or identifiable natural person. … For example, the telephone, credit card or personnel number of a person, account data, number plate, appearance, customer number or address are all personal data.

What is considered sensitive personal data?

The following personal data is considered ‘sensitive’ and is subject to specific processing conditions: personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs; … health-related data; data concerning a person’s sex life or sexual orientation.

What are examples of sensitive personal information?

Medical insurance information. Student information. Credit and debit card numbers. Drivers license and State ID information.

What is not a personal data?

Personal data is information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual. … Even if an individual is identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, from the data you are processing, it is not personal data unless it ‘relates to’ the individual.

Are photos covered under GDPR?

Despite what some service providers are claiming, the GDPR does not directly include photographs as sensitive personal data covered by the regulations! However, they could come under GDPR when stored with other attached or connected information.