Quick Answer: How Much Does A Trip To The Amazon Cost?

Is it possible to visit the Amazon rainforest?

Can you visit the Amazon Rainforest.

Yes, but since the Amazon is such a popular and amazing destination, it’s important to visit in an ethical way.

This means going with a tour or a well-trained guide.

The best Amazon tours have local guides to help you navigate the forest so you don’t get lost..

What is the best time of year to go to the Amazon rainforest?

In many ways, May and early June are the best time to visit the Amazon. During these months, the river levels are still high enough for exploration by boat, but the rainfall is curbing enough to draw out some of the wildlife you might not spot otherwise.

How can I go to Amazon?

Flights can be arranged into Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado from Cusco. Hoping to experience the Brazilian Amazon? Flying into Manaus in the north is your best option. If it’s the Ecuadorian Amazon you’re after, then you can take a bus from Quito into Tena City (five hours) where you can hop in a pickup truck.

What vaccinations do I need to go to the Amazon?

What vaccinations are required? For most Amazon destinations, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever vaccinations are recommended. Malaria preventatives are also recommended at many of the more remote lodges.

Where do you stay in Amazon?

Best places to stay in The AmazonMirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge.Amazon Antonio’s Lodge.Juma Lodge.Pousada Uacari.Hotel Villa Amazônia.Pousada Bela Vista.

How many countries are completely covered by the Amazon rainforest?

nine countriesThe Amazon rainforest covers the basin / parts of nine countries, 60% in Brazil, 13% in Peru, and smaller areas of Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Which airport is closest to the Amazon rainforest?

ManausClosest airports to Amazon rainforest The nearest airport to Amazon rainforest is Manaus (MAO).

Which part of the Amazon is best to visit?

The second distinction is that the area around Manaus is the best place to visit the actual Amazon River; the lodges in Peru cover the Tambopata Reserve much further south and the river does not actually flow through Ecuador.

What can kill you in the Amazon?

The Most Dangerous Animals in the Amazon RainforestAmazonian Giant Centipede. Thinkstock. These are extremely aggressive and venomous insects. … Black Caiman. Thinkstock. … Brazilian Wandering Spider. Shutterstock. … Bull Shark. Shutterstock. … Bullet Ant. Thinkstock. … Electric Eel. Thinkstock. … Green Anaconda. Thinkstock. … Mosquitos. Thinkstock.More items…•

What is the hottest month in the Amazon rainforest?

OctoberRainforest Temperature The temperature of rainforests remains relatively static throughout the year. As an example, in Belem the coldest month is February at 30°C (86°F) and the hottest month is October with a temperature of 32°C (89°C) This consistent temperature is due to the sun being almost straight overhead.

What is the most dangerous animal in the Amazon rainforest?

Top 15 Dangerous Animals of The Amazon RainforestGreen Anaconda. Green Anaconda is also called as water boa is the largest snake in the world and one of the heaviest snake on planet earth. … Black Caiman. … Electric Eel. … Red Bellied Piranha. … Poison Dart Frog. … Lancehead Pit Viper. … Jaguar. … Bull Shark.More items…

Does it rain everyday in the Amazon?

Rain can last for hours or even days. Average highs and lows range from 62º F at night up to around 93º F during the day. The lowland sections of the Peruvian Amazon can receive approximately two meters of rain annually and have temperatures ranging between 79º F at night to 90ºF during the day.