Quick Answer: What Is The Best Plant For A Bathroom With No Windows?

Can money plant survive without sunlight?

Money Plant/Golden Pothos Epipremnum Aureum is the scientific name for money plant or golden pothos.

It’s a hard plant that can also survive in low light and cold temperatures.

It is more often used in homes & offices to purify the air..

Can you keep a plant in a windowless bathroom?

You can just place them in water, set them in the corner of your bathroom and watch them grow. Whichever plants you decide to go with to place in your windowless bathroom, a good tip is to alternate your indoor plants by switching them out with plants that are out in open sunlight so they can recharge.

What color should I paint my bathroom with no windows?

Summing it all up, the best paint color for bathroom with no windows is green, yellow or soft blue….Blue Gray Paint Color. … Taupe Warm Paint Color. … Seafoam Green Paint Color. … Clean White Bathroom. … Navy Blue Paint Color. … Ash Gray Color Paint. … Pale Yellow Color Paint.More items…

Do Ivies like humidity?

Although ivies prefer moderate humidity, they will tolerate normal low home levels. Raise the humidity by setting the plants on a tray of wet pebbles or perlite. Do not allow ivies to stand in water.

What kind of plants can grow without sunlight?

Plants That Grow Without SunlightBromeliads. This plant is great for indoor growing because it survives in small pots and with little sunlight.Maidenhair Fern. I think this is one of the most gorgeous varieties of ferns out there. … Sword Fern. … Peperomia. … Parlor Palm. … Philodendron. … Snake Plant. … More Plants That Grow without Sunlight.More items…•

Can plants grow in a dark room?

Inside, most houseplants can thrive in bright indirect light. If your room has nice windows and you keep the blinds open, you probably have decent lighting. A Good Rule of Thumb – If you can comfortably read the newspaper at noon without having to flick on a light, you have enough light to grow plenty of houseplants.

What plants do well in dark rooms?

Houseplants to Grow in Low-Light AreasAglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant)Dracaena fragrans (Corn Plant)Epipremnum aureum (Pothos / Devil’s Ivy)Maranta leuconeura (Prayer Plant)Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)Sansevieria (Snake Plant)Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)More items…•

How do you make a small bathroom windowless look bigger?

33 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel BiggerKeep Your Colors Light and Bright. © Emily Gilbert Photography. … Or Double Down on Dark Color. … Mirror a Wall. … Or Incorporate Multiple Mirrors. … Opt for a Glass Shower Door. … Or Remove Your Shower Door Completely. … Backlight the Mirror. … Take On Tile.More items…•

Can aloe grow without sunlight?

The Aloe Vera plant is fairly hardy and adaptable to climates that are warm, humid, dry or extremely hot. … If you live in an area without much sunlight, you will need to supplement the plant with artificial light. Without the supplementation of artificial light, the Aloe Vera plant will not grow.

How do you decorate a bathroom with no windows?

8 Tricks to Improve a Bathroom Without Any WindowsDeclutter. … Use Bathroom Mirrors. … Be Strategic with Bathroom Lighting. … Choose a Light Colour. … Try a Glass Shower Door. … Invest in Reliable Ventilation. … Try Transparent Bathroom Accessories. … Add a plant.

What plants can survive in a bathroom?

Plants to Grow in Your BathroomOrchid. Orchids need moist, well-draining soil and indirect light to thrive. … ZZ Plant. It’s hard to kill a ZZ plant — it thrives in low-light situations and only needs water when the soil is dry. … Moss. Moss can grow practically anywhere. … Begonia. … Snake Plant. … Air Plants. … Bromeliad. … Chinese Evergreen.More items…

What plant can grow in a room without windows?

What are the best plants for offices with no windows?Spathiphyllum (such as Peace Lilies)Pothos.Philodendrons.Sansevieria.Aglaonema.ZZ Plant.

Are aloe vera plants good in bathrooms?

Aloe Vera is quite attractive, whether hanging or placed on the floor. It can survive in high or low light conditions, and is good at absorbing moisture. This makes it ideal for growing in the bathroom. … Allow the top two inches of your aloe vera plant’s soil to dry before watering deeply once a week.

Are Succulents good in bathrooms?

The answer is yes. Succulents can survive in bathrooms, living rooms, and windowsills. Bathrooms are usually humid. It is enough for the succulents to thrive.

Can plants live with only artificial light?

Researchers can successfully grow plants using only artificial light in growth chambers. But sunlight is best for most plants. It’s generally more intense than artificial light, and it’s pretty equally distributed among the different wavelengths that earthly plants have evolved to like best.

What is the best plant to have in a bathroom?

The 10 Best Houseplants for Your BathroomTillandsia / Air Plant. … Aloe Vera. … Staghorn Fern. … Calathea “Freddie” … Chinese Evergreen. … Gardenia. … Snake Plant. The snake plant is nearly impossible to kill, making it a great, non-finicky option for the bathroom. … Spider Plant. Spider plants are another no-fuss option.More items…•

How do you keep a bathroom with no windows?

If you don’t have a window (or a great extractor fan) then leave your bathroom door open when it’s not being used. Also, take out any damp towels and hang them elsewhere so they don’t add to the moisture already in the bathroom.

Can plants live in an office with no windows?

Pothos. Another great plant that will grow really well in an office with no windows is the Epipremnum aureum or Pothos. … If you’re into having a plant that grows long vines in your windowless office a pothos can definitely liven up the mood.