Quick Answer: What Makes A Successful Direct Mail Campaign?

How do you do a direct mail campaign?

Once you’ve outlined your target market, staging a direct-mail campaign has seven key steps:Develop a mailing list.

Create a mailing piece.

Code your response vehicle.

Test the campaign.

Run the campaign.

Handle customer responses.

Analyze the results of the campaign..

What is a direct mail campaign?

Definition: A marketing effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience. Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters.

What percentage of direct mail is opened?

90%Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails. Prospects are 15% more likely to respond to an oversized mail piece if they have never done business with you.

What is direct mail marketing strategy?

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending a physical letter, package, mailer, brochure, postcard, etc. to your prospects and/or current customers. It’s used in both B2C and B2B selling, although more commonly with consumers.

When’s the best time to send a marketing email?

When asked about the best time to send email, email marketers have often replied, “Tuesday through Thursday morning, between 8 and 10 am.” It’s been common knowledge throughout the industry that people tend to open their email in the mornings.

Can I send a letter from my mailbox?

If you have a mailbox on or near your home, you can place your letter there. … The mail carrier knows that if the flag is visible, then there is a letter that needs attention. 3. Take the letter to any post office.

Is Direct Mail making a comeback?

Direct mail, a once-dominant fixture in marketing, may seem to be a thing of the past. No one seems to send snail mail anymore. And thatis precisely why direct mail marketing is making a comeback. With email marketing’s high ROI, it’s no wonder that savvy marketers take advantage of this digital marketing tool.

Is Direct Mail Dead?

Data driven marketers are discovering that direct mail is not dead. It has changed, adapting to the expectations of today’s consumers. New technology has been deployed, and top marketers are utilizing direct mail as critical components of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

What are the most effective direct marketing techniques?

The most common forms of direct marketing are:Internet marketing.Face-to-face selling.Direct mail.Catalogs.Telemarketing.Direct-response advertising.Kiosk marketing.

How can I make direct mail more effective?

7 Ways to make Direct Mail more EffectiveFocus on buyers, not responses. … Make it easy to buy. … Stress benefits, but describe features that sell. … Adopt appropriate mass-advertising techniques to your direct mail. … Avoid slavish imitation of “successful” mailings. … Trust, but verify. … Create a big selling idea.

Do direct mail campaigns work?

Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and even a higher ROI than paid ads. They can work effectively in a campaign by themselves, or alongside a digital-marketing campaign. … Because direct mail is more likely to get read, it increases your brand awareness, even if the first letter is unsuccessful.

What makes a good Mailer?

Make your call-to-action count The goal of direct mail is the same as any other marketing channel. … A call-to-action should be compelling enough to spur a customer to take action. You should make it clear, concise and powerful. Keep it in front of them by including the call-to-action multiple times throughout the piece.

How often should you send direct mail?

every 21 daysHow Often Should You Mail Something? To stay top of mind with your client base the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recommends a mailing frequency of every 21 days. Most top companies stick relatively closely to that – usually every 30-45 days to ensure three things: Their customers know they’re still in business.

What is an example of direct mail?

Direct mail is marketing material or product mailed directly to the homes of consumers or offices of business buyers. Examples include postcards with an offer, catalogs that display goods, coupons, solicitation letters from nonprofits or free samples sent by businesses.

How much does it cost to do a direct mail campaign?

Direct mail pieces can cost anywhere from 30 cents to more than $10 per person, depending on how much you spend on design, marketing copy, mailing lists, printing, and distribution. Some organizations do much of this inhouse and wind up only paying for printing and mailing.

What is the best day to send direct mail?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These mid-week days provide you with the best opportunity to get your direct mail into the hands of your target audience. Recipients are typically going home after work and sorting through their mail on these three days.

What is the best mailing list service?

Top 10 Best Email Marketing ServicesHubSpot — Best one-stop-shop for inbound marketing management.Constant Contact — Best drag-and-drop builder.GetResponse — Best all-in-one solution for automated lead generation.MailerLite — Best for the essentials at an affordable price.AWeber — Best value for low subscriber count.ConvertKit — Best for ecommerce.More items…•

What types of direct mail are the most effective?

6 Useful Types of Direct Mail and Their BenefitsPostcards. Postcards are one of the clearest and most effective messaging tools you can use for a variety of products and services. … Self-Mailers. … Lead Letters. … Mailing Lists. … Dimensional Mailers. … Catalogues.