What Do You Expect From Internship?

What did you learn in your internship?


Often, we think being spoon-fed is the way to learn, but working independently has proved to be very important.

Your internship will teach you to make my own decisions and do things on your own.

Being able to work independently with little guidance is very important in the working world..

What are your strengths?

Some examples of strengths you might mention include:Enthusiasm.Trustworthiness.Creativity.Discipline.Patience.Respectfulness.Determination.Dedication.More items…

How long is a internship?

The length of paid internships can be one academic term, 6 months, or even up to an academic year, but the duration should be agreed upon by both the student and the employer early in the process. Internships should never be indefinite or ongoing.

What do you expect to gain from an internship?

There are many things you can gain from an internship: additional skills and education, networking opportunities, mentorship, etc. … Do you hope you’ll refine your writing skills, learn a new technology, etc.?

What does a intern do?

An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills.

Why am I interested in this internship?

It exposes you to real-world experience – Internships offer you a peek into the environment you wish to work in someday. As you intern for a company, you get hands-on experience of how things work in an office environment. Also, you get an idea of what job role you would like to choose when you join a full-time job.

Why is this internship important to you?

An internship enables you to gain first-hand exposure of working in the real world. It also allows students to harness the skill, knowledge, and theoretical practice they learnt in university. … Internships provide a nice learning curve for students with little experience of the professional world.

What should I expect from a research internship?

Interns are expected to attend lab meetings, symposia, and sometimes classroom lectures. And don’t expect that you’ll be sitting in the back row every week: Sometimes you’ll be demonstrating your own scientific insight and developing your science communication skills.

How do you interview an internship?

General Interview QuestionsTell me a little bit about yourself.What are your strengths and weaknesses?What accomplishments are you most proud of?Do you work better under pressure or with time to plan and organize?Why are you interested in this internship?Why should we consider you for this internship?More items…

Is the internship paid?

Depending on the position, interns may or may not be paid. Unpaid internships are common, especially when the internship counts as academic credit toward graduation. … That said, many employers do pay their interns.

How can I be a good intern?

15 Ways To Stand Out As An InternDo your homework before your first day. … Dress for success. … Treat the internship like a real job. … Have a “just in case” outfit in your desk drawer. … Practice good time management. … Socialize (with a filter). … Ask questions. … Be flexible.More items…•